Understanding whale and dolphin click communication

DAREWIN travels the globe to document the click communication data of sperm whale, orcas, humpbacks, and dolphins.

Over the course of seven years, DAREWIN will lead scientific expeditions to the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans where we’ve recorded dozens of ours of face-to-face cetacean encounters with 360 audio and video.
The 360 video and audio footage DAREWIN collects has two purposes: it is scientific data allowing researchers for the first time to study and analyze communication patterns up close from all directions. It also provides the public with a never-before-seen, fully-immersive view into the inner world of the ocean's most majestic and intelligent animals.

DAREWIN Project’s VR and 360 footage has brought awareness about cetaceans, ocean conservation, and marine mammal research to millions of people worldwide in the past two years. Our work has been featured in BBC, the New York Times, Outside, ABC's Nightline, and many more. The award-winning book DEEP: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us about Ourselves (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014) was based partially on DAREWIN Project’s research with sperm whales and has now been published in six languages.